Vivint Home Security Review 2023

Vivint Home Security

Best Overall Home Security System


The Vivint Home Security system offers 24/7 security monitoring, remote control of cameras, smart locks, flood, smoke and carbon monoxide detection and more.

From $29.99/mo




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When it comes to home security, Vivint isn’t just a system—it’s a game-changer. A security setup that lets you customize everything, links seamlessly with your smart home, and is set up by pros. It’s our top pick because it can be a bit pricey and the pricing structure is not-exactly-transparent, but it gives you high-tech security cameras and one app to rule them all. Vivint isn’t just a security system; it’s a smart home hero

Vivint Monitoring Plan & Pricing

Unfortunately, Vivint doesn’t make it easy to know how much things cost. Instead of telling you online, you have to talk to their Smart Home Consultants on the phone and they say it’s to make a special plan just for you.

Vivint Monitoring Plans Comparison

Vivint offers three monitoring plans, each designed to accommodate different levels of security and smart home customization. Regardless of the plan you choose, all of Vivint’s professional monitoring options include installation fee and the flexibility to commence with $0 down using third-party consumer financing. The contract duration for these plans ranges from 42 to 60 months, but if you opt for an upfront payment, there’s no contract obligation at all.


Smart Security Monitoring

Smart Home Monitoring

Smart Home Video Monitoring


From $29.99/mo

From $39.99/mo

From $44.99/mo

Professional 24/7 monitoring

Entry, smoke, and CO detection

Medical pendant support

Mobile Access

Smart Home Integration

Video Surveillance

If you're splurging on Vivint, go all-in with the Smart Home Video plan for full features. If it's too pricey, consider the Smart Home plan. Skip the Smart Security plan; Vivint excels in smart home features, not basic security.

Vivint Pricing & Contracts

Vivint’s monitoring starts at $30/month, $40 for smart home integration, and $45 for video. Add-on cameras are $5 each/month

Vivint gives you payment choices: go for Vivint Flex Pay and finance equipment (added to monthly monitoring), or pay upfront for month-to-month monitoring. As far as we know, choosing the non-contract option with Vivint lets you cancel anytime without fees. The cancellation takes 30 days to process, and you might have one final bill. With a contract, commit to 42 or 60 months. Vivint shared you can finance with $0 down, making a long-term contract worthwhile with little upfront cost.

Vivint Security Equipment & Features

Vivint is great with smart home products and what sets Vivint apart is that it manufactures most of its own equipment. They offers a range of devices for home automation:

Base equipment

Each Vivint starter kit (costs $599 plus professional installation) invariably comes with essential components: a Smart Hub/Control Panel, Door and Window Sensors, and a Motion Sensor

The Vivint Smart Hub manages all components in the system and establishes a direct connection to the monitoring center

Vivint Door and Window Sensors notify when a door or window is opened

Vivint Motion Sensor monitors activity within your home

Vivint Base Equipment

Other Equipment

Vivint sells sensors that allow your system to detect other threats like fires and floods, glass breaking,  and carbon monoxide. The Vivint app makes it easy to lock the door, close the garage, set your security system, and control the AC with Vivint accessories



Vivint Sensors

Recessed door sensor


Glass break sensor


Water sensor


Smoke detector


Carbon monoxide detector


Vivint Accessories

Kwikset smart lock


Garage door controller


Key fob


Panic pendant


Vivint Element smart thermostat


Vivint Cameras

Vivint Indoor Camera


Vivint Indoor Camera Pro


Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro (Gen 2)


Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro (Gen 2)


Vivint Spotlight Pro


Vivint Smart Drive


Vivint Car Guard

While Car Guard works with Vivint security systems, it doesn't require one. There's no contract, but you pay a $10 monthly fee for the first car and $5 for each additional vehicle. If you already have a Vivint system, the monthly payment drops to $3.33 for each car

Vivint standout equipment security features

Vivint’s smart home features enhance family time and save energy with interactive cameras and a programmable thermostat, all accessible through the Vivint app. Regardless of your schedule, this integrated technology allows you to manage and protect your home seamlessly, eliminating the need for multiple devices from various companies.

Here’s why Vivint is great for keeping your home safe and comfy:

Watch and listen from anywhere: Vivint’s security cameras use motion detection, two-way talk, and night vision to keep you updated, even scaring away intruders with sound and light with Smart Deter feature

Lock up from anywhere: Smart locks (Vivint Kwikset locks) let you control home access remotely even when you are enjoying the vacation on the beach. No need for spare keys; it’s easy, keyless entry.

Save money: The The Element Thermostat adapts to your habits, cut costs by learning when to adjust the temperature.

Fire protection: The Vivint smart smoke alarm not only alerts the monitoring center but also stops airflow to put out flames while help is on the way which is the best part of Vivint smoke detector

Garage control: The Garage Door Controller ensures you never leave it open by notifying you and allowing remote closure from anywhere.

The Car Guard: It is one of the best Vivint security features. The Car Guard monitors your car’s location, keeping you informed in case of theft or any disturbance.

Vivint Cameras

One of the key features of the Vivint system is its advanced camera technology. it’s worth noting that Vivint offers three camera types: indoor, outdoor, and doorbell. Our top pick is the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, equipped with people and package detection, a wide field of view, and a feature to safeguard your mail from porch theft.

Vivint Outdoor Camera


Vivint Indoor Camera

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro









4K image sensor

Person detection

Lurker detection

Pool Alert

Two-way talk

Package detection


Night vision

Outbound call function

Vivint Smart Drive

If you’re considering Vivint cameras, think about adding the Vivint Smart Drive (different from the Vivint Smart Hub/Control Panel). This device acts like a DVR for your cameras, extending the storage of security footage. The standout feature is continuous recording, ensuring your cameras capture everything, not just triggered events. While the Smart Drive won’t reduce costs, as the monthly per-camera fee still applies, it remains a valuable addition for uninterrupted recording.

Vivint Smart Home Compatability

Alongside its exclusive smart home devices, Vivint offers considerable compatibility. However, if you’ve already invested in smart home gadgets, you might be disappointed to discover that you need to purchase duplicate items, as the Vivint system may not be compatible with your existing devices.

Vivint Works with the Following Smart Products & Platforms:

  • Nest Thermostat
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Echo
  • Philips Hue smart lighting
  • Kwikset smart locks
  • Garage door controller
  • Z-Wave

Vivint Smart Hub

For years, Vivint has been a standout, initially with its innovative Vivint SkyControl Panel—the first to feature built-in two-way voice communication. Now, Vivint introduces the Smart Hub, acting as a smart home hub and supporting up to six security cameras.

What’s particularly noteworthy is Vivint’s solution to the common problem of multiple cameras slowing down home Wi-Fi. Typically, more cameras mean slower Wi-Fi, as they use it to stream live video. However, the Vivint Smart Hub incorporates home video technology, enabling you to set up numerous cameras to monitor your home without compromising your bandwidth.

Vivint Smart Hub

Vivint Mobile App

The Vivint app, formerly known as the Vivint Sky app, is included with all levels of professional Vivint monitoring. It provides a convenient means to monitor your home around the clock, no matter where you are. It allows you to control your system, manage smart devices, view camera feeds, and monitor your car with Car Guard remotely using your phone.

The app’s navigation is similar to the control panel, making it easy to switch between the two. Additionally, you can create smart home chains using the app, similar to those in IFTTT. For example, you can set it up so that when your car reaches your home, the lights turn on, and the door unlocks. This unique functionality sets Vivint Smart Home apart from other security options.

Vivint has a dedicated team ensuring the app remains user-friendly, easy to navigate, and loaded with features that enhance both home security and smart home automation.

Vivint Installation

Vivint Smart Home exclusively offers professional installation, a beneficial choice considering the advanced home security technology and smart home integration. However, this service comes at a cost of $99 and you have to set aside a good amount of time. The scheduling may take up to a week, which can be lengthy for those eager to secure their home promptly.

As part of its premium offerings, Vivint Home Security stands out by providing a complimentary security consultation. During this assessment, a Vivint security technician identifies security risks and recommends solutions. This ensures you have the right equipment in optimal locations for maximum home security.

The consultation occurs alongside the professional installation, allowing you to adjust your equipment choices. While this presents an opportunity for positive customer interaction, some may find it too sales-oriented, making it challenging to fully trust the recommendations.

Vivint Customer Services & Support

Vivint has been through its fair share of highs and lows. This aspect used to be a bit of a drawback for Vivint. Vivint has made significant efforts to improve its reputation. According to Vivint, customer feedback holds a high priority in their support system, and the company diligently works to incorporate suggested improvements. And the result is Vivint has improved ratings from both independent home security system reviews and its own customers.

However, it is important to note that not all experiences have been flawless. Some customers have reported technical issues or difficulties with installation and setup. However, it is worth mentioning that Vivint has a responsive customer support team that works diligently to address and resolve these concerns.

In-house customer service

Vivint’s customer service is handled in-house by their own staff. This might sound like a basic expectation, but many security companies outsource their customer service, meaning you might end up talking to someone who doesn’t even work for the security company.

 At Vivint, everyone, from the installation techs to the customer service reps to the monitoring staff, is a direct employee of Vivint. This setup is designed to make things more cohesive and streamlined.

Is the Vivint Home Security System worth investing in?

It is clear that the Vivint Home Security System offers a range of impressive features and benefits. Let’s take a glance at what comes with a Vivint home security system:

  • 24/7 professional alarm monitoring
  • Professional installation
  • Tailored customization to suit your home
  • Personal introduction to the system and the Vivint app
  • Access to the Vivint smart home app for comprehensive control
  • Smart security cameras, including a doorbell camera, equipped with advanced safety features
  • Professional security system maintenance and repairs
  • Lifetime equipment warranty
  • Various contract options

Despite its high cost and the need for improvements in the customer buying experience, Vivint stands out with its exceptional equipment and smart home compatibility.

Pricing: The combination of Vivint’s proprietary equipment, monitoring, and smart home features comes at a substantial cost. To maximize the value, you’ll want to fully commit to a comprehensive security and smart home setup.

Equipment: Vivint boasts some of the finest equipment available. The unique products and their intelligent features contribute to making Vivint a top-notch system.

Home automation: Vivint provides a wide array of smart home devices and seamlessly integrates with even more.

Installation: A Vivint representative takes care of the installation for a fee of $99.

Customer experience: While Vivint’s reputation has faced challenges due to past events, it is gradually working towards improvement.

Investing in a home security system is a wise choice. Vivint comes with a price tag above the market average, but it's a case of getting what you pay for. Vivint stands out as one of the few home security companies consistently innovating and introducing new features to both its equipment and app.

Vivint FAQ

Yes, professional installation is recommended for optimal setup and functionality.

While Vivint may come with a higher price tag, it's justified. Offering free professional installation, Vivint is a top-tier smart home security system with comprehensive smart home support, high-quality equipment, and advanced cameras.

If you're seeking a professionally installed home security system with impressive features and dependable service, Vivint is an excellent choice.

Vivint offers a lifetime warranty on equipment, covering defects and malfunctions.

The Vivint alarm system consists of three main components: the control panel, sensors and detectors, and the monitoring station. When a sensor is triggered, it signals the control panel, which then contacts the monitoring station. Subsequently, you will receive a call from the monitoring station to confirm if assistance is required.

Certainly, Vivint permits you to relocate your security system with you. If you've been a Vivint customer for a year and sign a new contract upon moving, the company will waive the moving fee. Opting to retain your current contract or being a customer for less than a year will incur a $99 moving fee.