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Vivint doorbell, indoor and outdoor cameras

Vivint Home Security Review 2023

8 November 2023

Vivint is smart home hero in home security market. Discover why it's our top pick to safeguard your home.

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a burglar is trying to break into an empty house while the homeowner is on vacation

Securing Your Home During a Vacation: An Essential Checklist

27 October 2023

Burglars often target empty houses, taking advantage of homeowners' absence. Discover tranquility on your vacation with our in-depth home security...

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Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

Meta in Legal Trouble: States Claim Design to Hook Kids on Facebook and Instagram

26 October 2023

40 states argue that Meta intentionally made things in a way that makes kids want to keep using its apps...

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parents educate child about social media use

Tips to Safeguard Your Child’s Mental Health in the Era of Social Media

26 October 2023

Social media may be an excellent resource for networking, getting information, and talking with others. But it may become obsessive...

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Young child responsibly staying home alone while adhering to safety guidelines

What Age Can Kids Stay at Home Alone: A Parent’s Guide

28 September 2023

Discover expert insights and practical tips on determining the appropriate age for kids to stay home alone.

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halloween safety, stay safe in halloween

Safety Halloween: 15 Must-Know Tips For A Spooktacular Night!

21 September 2023

Halloween is around the corner! Ensure your Halloween celebration is perfect with 15 Must-know Tips for a safety night.

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